The Mission Minute Issue #8

The Mission Minute Issue #8

UPDATE: The Summer editions of the Mission Minute will be monthly instead of weekly in order to give everyone a break – but the information will be timely nonetheless! 

Biblical Truth

  • Empathy:  In the past few days we have been reminded of the fear and hurt caused by racism and racial injustices in our society. Our community and many of our friends are hurting. In addition to fighting injustice and leading compassionately, we must not forget to empathize. We may never fully know what someone is going through, but we must pause long enough to weep with them when necessary. And may we rejoice togetherwhen it is time as well.
  • Join us Thursday at 1:30pm to discuss, pray and even weep together. (info below)

Sound Business Principle

  • Human Resources:  HR stewarded and shepherded well gives freedom and hope for all involved. As Ann Close mentioned on the recent HR Webinar with Mission Triangle, “Human resources are a nonprofit’s most valuable resources. We must seize the opportunity to serve them well, for the good of our businesses and our communities.”  With questions about COVID and racism abounding, we need to care well for our people each and every day.

Mission Triangle Tools of the Week

Partner Resources of the Week

Random Fun

  • Summer Celebrations:  For all those who had wedding plans canceled or changed because of COVID, check out John Krasinski’s Some Good News, Episode 7.  It’s a fun, tear-inducing few minutes. Congrats to all graduates and newly-weds (including our office-mate, Madison Hoell, on June 7th) who are finding creative ways to celebrate this Spring/Summer.