The Mission Charlotte Nonprofit Portal

Welcome to The Portal: a one stop location for nonprofit resources, access and support.  This Portal has been custom designed to meet the needs of nonprofits as they seek to grow and become healthier and more sustainable.



  • Tools and Templates: Workshop workbooks, editable templates, best practice guides, and examples of nonprofit leadership for everything you attend with Mission Charlotte.
  • Baseline Health Assessment (BHA) Results: Keep a year-over-year record of your BHA in order to witness your growth as well as continue to identify areas for next steps and opportunities for greater impact.
  • Small Group access: Register through the portal for live small groups (virtual or face to face) to gain access to professionals and support free of charge.
  • Attendance: A record of your Mission Charlotte workshop and small group attendance to track who in your organization has gained expertise in the various core topics
  • Up-to-Date information: Confidential location for your team to keep one another updated with your latest core information – ranging from leadership lists to fundraising data to performance metrics



  • For those organizations residing in the Charlotte Area of NC, the cost of the portal is covered by funders of Mission Charlotte.
  • For those organizations residing outside the Charlotte Area of NC, the cost of the portal is $100/year and is paid when registering for the nonprofit portal.
  • Annual Value: $750



  • Each organization needs to engage with Mission Charlotte prior to receiving portal access. This can include, but is not limited to, completing the Baseline Health Assessment or attending a Mission Charlotte workshop.
  • Once you receive and activate portal access, you must complete and then update your core information on an annual basis (Feb-April of each year) in order to maintain your Portal. This includes having at least 3 people complete your annual Baseline Health Assessment. In our quest to help your nonprofit become mature, healthy, and sustainable, we want to equip your senior leadership team and entire board to be able to confidently answer each of the BHA questions.
  • Estimated time for core information completion (including BHA): 1 hour (first year).


Please complete the Portal Access Form to begin the next step in your journey!