providing metrics and evaluation to nonprofits and champions


Assessing is central to Mission Charlotte's offerings as it measures the impact of the nonprofits we serve.

The assessments serve as snapshots in time - benchmarks - from which organizations can develop priorities and a plan going forward that fits their unique situation.

Baseline Health Assessment (BHA)

The BHA is an annual self-assessment that provides a snapshot of your organization’s overall health and is a starting point for digging deeper into the six nonprofit core competencies that Mission Charlotte teaches. The BHA 2022 is available to any nonprofit free of charge.


Take the BHA2022!

Core Competency Detailed Assessments

After taking the BHA, organizations engage the Core Competency Assessments for deeper analysis and creation of next steps in their growth. We will work with the organization on strategies towards communicating their growth and future opportunities to their supporters.

If you have questions about Assessments, the Programs team is here to help!