a partnership in which Mission Charlotte professionals guide the individualized application of nonprofit best practices around health and sustainability


Implementation lies at the intersection of the ``know how`` and the “how to” of nonprofit best practices within the unique needs and dynamics of your organization.

We realize that no two nonprofits are alike, so through implementation services we aim to come alongside and help you make practical meaning and application of what you have learned within the context of your organization.


Coaching is a “no cost” service typically offered to nonprofits who attend Mission Charlotte quarterly workshops and serves as a catalyst for identifying the next best steps, actions, or initiatives that need to be taken by an organization.


Coaching sessions are one-on one engagements that are 60 minutes in length and can cover a variety of topics:


  • Mission Charlotte core competencies related to organization health and sustainability
  • Growth Plan debrief, discussion, and planning
  • Mission Charlotte tools that foster organizational health and sustainability
    • Baseline Health Assessment (BHA) overview, usage, and utility (BHA orientation) for organizational growth
    • Orientation to Mission Charlotte’s digital learning system, Pathway, for the individual and organization (learning, community, and access) growth and development.
    • Nonprofit Portal overview/training/usage for organization


*Coaching sessions can be held in person, through video conference technology, or over the phone.


Consulting is best defined as individualized guidance, advising, support, advocacy, and planning that is carefully and thoughtfully developed to meet a distinct need or set of needs that move a nonprofit along the continuum of health and sustainability. Consulting is a deeper level of engagement with seasoned Mission Charlotte Strategic Consultants and is considered a “fee for service” opportunity. Consulting projects can take many different forms including:


  • Baseline Health Assessment (BHA) Review, training, and planning strategy session/retreat
  • Facilitating a comprehensive strategic planning process
  • Delivering a customized core competency training/workshop
  • Facilitated board retreat/board governance training
  • Conducting an organization assessment or 360 leader evaluation
  • Facilitating a comprehensive donor campaign and communication strategy
  • Human Resources assessment and planning including organizational chart, roles, responsibilities, performance evaluation, etc.
  • Development of organizational measurements/benchmarks or creation of a Theory of Change
  • Facilitated staff leadership training
  • And much more…


Consulting projects can also be structured in different ways:


  • Hourly: an agreed upon hourly-structured consulting project
  • Fixed bid: a packaged consulting project that may also involve a final deliverable
  • Retainer projects: projects 3-12 months in length that facilitate health and sustainability around multiple organizational needs


*The cost for consulting is dependent on the scope and depth of the project.

If you have questions about Coaching or Consulting, contact the Implementation Team.

If you are interested in coaching or in discussing a consulting project, complete the online interest form.

Various consultants from the Raleigh and Charlotte area

will lead consultant projects.

Your MissionCLT point of contacts will be

Brad and Angela

Brad Wingo, Director of Implementation Services

Brad Wingo, Director of Implementation Services

Brad is a native North Carolinian who has been married to his wife Jennifer for 15 years. They have an 8-year-old daughter, Caroline. As Director of Implementation Services, Brad is leveraging his skills and experiences as a leader, administrator, developer of processes and systems, and achiever to serve our community well in this new role. He leads the division of coaching and consulting which is purposed to help nonprofits take crucial steps toward organizational health and sustainability. Brad’s experience in leading a team and building relationships, his appreciation for the unique journey of each individual and organization, his ability to listen with understanding, and his servant spirit are a blessing to the strategic consultants he leads and the nonprofits we serve. Brad joins us after a 19-year career in the university setting, specifically higher education and student affairs administration.


Angela Schlottman, Consultant

Angela Schlottman, Consultant

Angela has spent almost 20 years working with nonprofits, government entities and ministries. Using her background knowledge of strategy, stewardship, planning, and organizational development, she now has the privilege of serving alongside amazing leaders and organizations in our community to help them flourish and achieve sustainability.Originally from Florida, Angela pursued her Masters in Social Work, with a focus on Social Advocacy and Administration, at Florida State University. After completing an internship with a lobbyist/advocacy group in Tallahassee, she moved to Charlotte and began working with regional government, focusing on grants and planning services with nonprofits and county government agencies.In 2014 she shifted her passion for advocacy and training to Carmel Baptist, serving as Outreach Minister. For over eight years she mobilized and trained volunteers, managed multiple relationships with nonprofit partners, coordinated with other churches and organizations, and advocated for the hidden and forgotten throughout Charlotte. In 2018, after seeing an ongoing need for quality equipping, she worked with an innovative team to launch the Nonprofit Leadership Summit.Angela is also the wife to Jonathan, mother of 3 amazing kids, and loves board games, music and exploring new places.