The Mission Minute Issue #7

The Mission Minute Issue #7

During this time of staying at home, Zoom calls, and reading overwhelming amounts of information — Mission Triangle is excited to pass along a weekly “Mission Minute” full of simple nuggets of encouragement, key learnings, and announcements. We find them helpful and hope you do as well!

Biblical Truth

  • Sacrifice:  Today is Memorial Day, a day when we honor the sacrifice of so many. Our thankfulness starts with the greatest example of sacrifice of all, Jesus. As we consider how we are to lead our nonprofits, let us remember the leadership example of sacrifice set before us, especially in caring for our employees during this time.

Sound Business Principle

  • Leadership:  Again, today is Memorial Day, a day when we also honor the leadership of so many. Leaders voluntarily step into the issues of today’s world and vow to do something about them. May we all work with this type of dedication.

“Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them.” – Colin Powell, retired 4-star general and US Secretary of State

Mission Triangle Tool of the Week

Partner Resources of the Week

  • OutGo360:  PPE resources at a reduced price for local nonprofits (hand-sanitizer, gloves, masks, etc.). Contact Andy Crawford at for more information.
  • NCF Podcast:  Donors Standing in the Gap for Ministries

Spotlight of the Week

  • Rural NC:  Feed My Lambs is a food and outreach center whose staff has been faithfully driving two hours each way to Mission Triangle workshops and small groups for the past two years and continues to serve the rural poor in Anson County, NC. Recently another 300 jobs were lost when their biggest employer, Walmart, closed its doors. FML has stepped in and serves an average of 630 people per month. If you have a heart to invest in the needs of rural NC, please review their nonprofit needs on the Mission Triangle website.

Random Fun

  • God’s Gifts:  Introducing Helen Rose Smith! Mission Triangle Executive Administrator, Kara Smith, and her husband welcomed this precious baby girl into the world on May 20th. She’s a great reminder of God’s gifts during this time.