The Mission Minute Issue #5

The Mission Minute Issue #5

During this time of staying at home, Zoom calls, and reading overwhelming amounts of information — Mission Triangle is excited to pass along a weekly “Mission Minute” full of simple nuggets of encouragement, key learnings, and announcements. We find them helpful and hope you do as well!

Biblical Truth

  • Care for the Poor – Nehemiah paused his important work of rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem to care for those that were being neglected in the process. Even in revamping our Strategic Plans, we must remember that our primary purpose is to “love God and our neighbor.”

Sound Business Principle

  • Staff Leadership – Caring for your people is one of the primary responsibilities of leadership. Not only is it good business, but it’s real compassion, especially in uncertain times.
  • “A great manager can describe in detail the unique talents of each of his/her people, what drives each one, how each one thinks, and how each builds relationships.”  – Buckingham, “What Great Managers Do,” Harvard Business Review

Mission Triangle Tool of the Week

  • Reminder: Nonprofit Needs Page – Help us share your needs with the giving community. If you are interested in posting opportunities for people to be involved in and through your nonprofit during COVID-19, you are invited to create your own nonprofit portal. If your nonprofit isn’t yet set up with a portal and your team has engaged with us through a training since Jan. 2018, contact us at

Partner Resources of the Week

Spotlight of the Week

  • Safe Families for Children – SFFChas stepped deeper into community partnerships during this time.  In working deeply with Wake County Social Services, Wake County Continuum Care (CoC), Family Promise, Families Together, Passage Home, Salvation Army and Raleigh Rescue Mission, they have been a part of real community impact.  In addition, SFFC (video intro) has been able to financially assist 27 families in crisis with shelter (at two SE Raleigh hotels) and/or food assistance as they await government emergency funding.

Random Fun

  • Quarantine Stereotypes – If you aren’t one of the 16M people that has already viewed this YouTube video by Dude Perfect, you might enjoy it now. Which stereotype do you fit into? We know our friends at House of Hope are part of the puppy craze! (see photo for evidence)