The Mission Minute Issue #11

The Mission Minute Issue #11

During this time of staying at home, Zoom calls, and reading overwhelming amounts of information — Mission Triangle is excited to pass along a “Mission Minute” full of simple nuggets of encouragement, key learnings, and announcements. We find them helpful and hope you do as well!

Biblical Truth

  • Preeminence: In a week that just witnessed another round of the beauty and the mess that is elections in the U.S., it continues to be important that we remember that the God of the Bible is preeminent. We may be excited or disappointed with the results of the elections, but God is superior to it all, and that doesn’t change. Pastors JD Grear and Bryan Loritts of Summit Church had some great thoughts on this topic recently. Likewise, as we near the end of the year and nonprofits enter the final fundraising push, it is comforting to rest in this simple truth as well.

Sound Business Principle

  • Teamwork: Mission Triangle’s first two workshops in 2021 will be Board Governance and Staff Leadership and much of the discussion is not on the leader, but rather on the team. Without a team of diverse, talented, well-loved people, the leader is limited. We must invest real resources in building and maintaining these teams, even, and especially, in the social sector.

Mission Triangle Tool of the Week

  • Just announced, the next Mission Triangle digital workshop: “Board Governance: Leading While Serving” — mark your calendars for the morning of Jan 26 and evening of Feb 4. Register now!

Helpful Resources

Spotlight of the Week

  • Marriages are suffering during this pandemic. According to one source, there were 34% more divorce inquiries this summer as the same time last year. Thankfully, local nonprofit and Mission Triangle participant Side by Side Ministry continues to step into the issues of stress and conflict in marriages, especially during the current crisis. If this applies to someone you know, check out Side by Side’s new book on marriage infidelity support. And, pray for these couples!

Random Fun

  • Virtual conference calls: If your zoom calls and conference calls aren’t perfect, don’t worry, neither are ours, or theirs.